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Every Ceremony is a journey into your heart guided by the cacao spirit. You are invited to dive into a magical word, away from the hustle of the city. Together we drink raw cacao, which is the purest and most valuable form of cacao.


In addition to physical effects, cacao is a "teacher plant" that shares knowledge with you. The sacred medicine supports you exactly where you´re at in life and opens the door to topics that concerns you.


Guided meditations, breathing exercises, movements, readings and sounds offer a wonderful setting in which you can feel safe and supported. With experience in  guidance, I´m not striving for a strict sequence but rather leading intuitively. The journey becomes unique and can then be reflected and shared together.

  • Come with an intention to give the ceremony your personal meaning.

  • Ask yourself questions like: What do I want to let go, with what do I want to connect more, where do I feel emptiness or abundance.

  • Please eat lightly before the ceremony and avoid coffee and alcohol.

  • Bring your favorite mug, plenty of water and comfortable clothes.

  • Contact me in advance if you´re taking antidepressants, are pregnant or have chronic heart problems. Together we´ll find a solution and adjust the dose accordingly.     

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