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Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Annie Spratt

Courses in January


New Years Meditation & Yin Yoga

Friday, 1st Jan, 7 PM – 8 PM via Zoom

Start the year with a buddhistic meditation technique and a heart opening Yin sequence.


Pilates Beginners 4x Mondays

4/ 11/ 18/ 25. Jan, 7 PM - 8 PM via Zoom // 20 Euro

This Pilates beginner course is for all those, who want to get an insight into the effective training of Pilates. Step by step I teach you the first mat exercises and principles and show variations and tips for a healthy practice. Your body awareness will already change after a few hours of Pilates.  

Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation
Friday 15th Jan, 7 PM – 8 PM via Zoom

Yoga Nidra—known as yogic sleep—is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. The technique i will teach, will bring you a deep relaxation trough visualization

Winter Cacao Ceremony

Sunday, 31st Jan, 6 PM – 8 PM via Zoom 

Immerse yourself in a wonderful heart-opening cacao evening that connects you with yourself and nature. Enjoy a warming cacao drink, meditation, yoga and silence and end this first month of the year surrounded by community.






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