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Ballett & Kids Dance


As one of the oldest expressions of mankind, dance connects us with our roots. 
Dance means rhythm, intuition, art, expression, trust, letting go, wisdom, empathy and so much more.

✓ Pré Ballet, Children´s Ballet, Teen Ballet
✓ Modern kids dance
✓ Placement 
✓ Dance classes at dance schools, kindergarten and primary school
✓ Dance classes at kids birthday parties  

Dancing has been the root of all my movement forms. Being home in classical ballet for over twenty years, this passion finds expression in my classes. Step by step, I introduce the little ones into the cosmos of dance. Their curiosity and urge to move get space for discovery and playfulness. The children learn basic social and physical skills that have a positive and long-term impact on their development. Dancing means communicating in the most natural way possible.

We dance, to feel free.

We dance,to feel us. 

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