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DECOLONIZE CHOCOLATE – Wie ein Start-Up die Schokoladenwelt revolutioniert. 

Produktion: fairafric
Filmlänge: 47min
Produktionsjahr: 2019

My Dharma: Inspiration stories from world-renowned Yogis on how the practice of Yoga transformed their lives. Featuring Aline Fernandes, Deepika Mehta, Hayley Cutler, Jessica Olie, Kino MacGregor, Laruga Glaser, Lisa Lottie, Liz Huntly, Roland Jensch, Meghan Currie and Radha Rajani.

Produktion: Dharma Bums Activewear

Fishpeople tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea. Featuring Kimi Werner, Eddie Donnellan, Dave Rastovich, Matahi Drollet, Ray Collins and Lynne Cox.


Directed by Keith Malloy

AMKK Presents: Botanical animation "Story of Flowers"


Many different flowers are growing beautifully and strongly in this world. Taking their roots in the earth, sprouting, blooming, pollination by birds and insects, living on in spite of rain, wind and storms. They pass on the baton of life, rebirth and decay. Everything is so in a continuous, endless cycle. This is the story and message of this animation.


Directed by : Azuma Makoto  

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